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Local and seasonal blooms

We take pride in our colourful and unique arrangements that are 100% grown on our farm, or foraged from neighbours.

How and what we grow

Want to learn more about how we grow our seasonal blooms? 

Wedding or event flowers

We offer bulk purchase for folks who want ecological, local, and affordable blooms for DIY arranging.


We offer specialty flowers for wholesale to florists, restaurants and institutions. 

Our Practices

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Did you know that the majority of flowers sold commercially are grown with many synthetic pesticides?

We believe in using natural amendments and compost to grow our blooms.

We rotate our crops diligently, to help prevent soil borne diseases, rather than treating them with chemical inputs. 


  Not ours.

We take a holistic approach to controlling pests by encouraging natural habitat for predators (such as this ladybug larvae), planting a wide diversity of crops, rotating our crops year to year, protecting our crops with netting/fencing, and introducing beneficial organisms that protect our plants.


Whenever possible, we sow cover crops to add organic matter back into the soil and help decrease weed pressure.

We aim to not leave our soil bare, and utilize either reusable plastics or cover crops to improve soil health and prevent erosion.

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Got More Questions? Shoot us a line! 


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