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Our Eggs

Eggs from hens raised on pasture are richer, creamier and healthier than other eggs on the market.

Have you tried pasture raised eggs? Experiencing the flavour speaks to it better than anything we can write here. The yolks are firm and a deep yellow to orange. The flavour is richer and creamier than any egg you can buy from the grocery stores. This excellent flavour is also an important indicator of a healthier egg. The darker yolk colour is obtained from the hens foraging foods high in carotenoids found naturally in grasses, vegetables, and their ration.


Beta-carotene is one of these carotenoids (yes, the one in carrots!), and is an important precursor for Vitamin A production. It is no surprise then that pasture raised eggs have been shown to have as much as 40% higher Vitamin A than hens raised indoors. Pasture raised eggs also tend to have double the concentration of Vitamin E and double the amount of omega 3 fatty acids. The modern diet common today tends to be high in omega 6 fatty acids and lacking in essential omega 3 fatty acids. 


High consumption of omega 6’s in relation to omega 3's has been correlated to the development of many prevalent chronic health conditions plaguing the western world today,  including cancers, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, and heart disease. Conversely a higher omega 3 content in the diet has been shown to help suppress and decrease the risk of some of these conditions. Hens who have diets rich in fibre from forages have also been shown to produce eggs that have significantly lower cholesterol content than conventional eggs.

All these factors come together to produce some damn good eggs for you to eat!

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