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Marshall's role on the farm involves many random google searches that start with "How to..." He brings a passion for farming, growing experience, and a stubborn git 'er done attitude. If you call the farm, he is likely the one to answer while simultaneously chasing a few chickens back into their pen, fixing a broken irrigation fitting, or catching up on the bookkeeping. When not farming he tends to be talking about farming, farming somewhere else, getting rowdy at the euchre table, laughing too loud with friends, and enjoying some pizza and cold beer.


Hilary is the mamma hen of FYB farm. She is first up in the morning and straight out the door to check on all her fur, feather and flower babies which she watches over with the utmost care, attention, and dedication. She is the storyteller of the farm, curating our social media accounts to keep you all in the loop.


When not farming she is usually talking about her cats, working as a nurse in Windsor, or taking thousands of photos that will likely never be looked at again.


Kim and Angelina

Kim and her daughter Angelina are local farmers and our personal saviours. Kim has been a rock on our farm over the years, helping us out when we needed it the most, on top of the regular 60 hour weeks she routinely pulls between her job at Macdougall Meadows, helping out on her Dad's farm in the valley, or tending to her own crops and animals. We could not have done this without her these past few years. Kim - you are the best!


Guardian of the chicken galaxy, Obi wan kenobi is a padawan learner, training to become a jedi master of chicken protection. He lives out with the hens and uses the force to deter eagles, hawks, foxes, racoons, skunks, coyotes, and more.  His favourite past times are hanging out on a bale of straw, gnawing on bones, digging holes and hunting rodents.

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Fill Yer Boots Farm was founded in 2016, when two city kids with big dreams and limited practical know-how bought an old farmhouse in Hants county.

Since those early days these city kids have learned a few things. Overgrown land has been converted to gardens, greenhouses, hoop houses, and orchards. Roads have been forged, ponds have been dug, and buildings have been erected. The house has been narrowly saved from its slow descent towards a compost heap and will be in constant renovations until, well, forever.

The Farm

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